Packing Cubes - Luggage Organizers

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Description -

These Packing Cubes turn my Backpack or Luggage Case into the inside of the Tardis. Without very useful luggage accessories like these, I find packing is awkward and I can never pack as many clothes as I want. These Cubes will compartmentalise your clothing and you will find it quicker and easier to pack more of what you need. This is travel gear that cannot do without and are fantastic for organizing your luggage

Made out of Oxford Nylon these packing cubes are durable. There is a total of 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large cube. Also included 3 different size storage bags. Available in various colours

Specification -

  • Main Material: Oxford
  • Material Composition: Oxford cloth
  • Large Cube Height: 37.5cm
  • Large Cube Length: 27cm
  • Large Cube Width: 12cm
  • Medium Cube Height: 30cm
  • Medium Cube Length: 22cm
  • Medium Cube Width: 12cm
  • Large Bag: 32 x 23cm
  • Medium Bag: 27 x 19.5cm
  • Small Bag: 17 x 13cm
  • Items: 3 Cubes, 3 Bags