About Us


We at Hybridtrip love to travel. The world is a beautiful playground but where ever I go I always seem to neglect to pack something that I could use.

So, we decided to open our own collections of quality but affordable Travel Luggage and Travel Accessories so the next time I am taking a city break or backpacking across Europe I know that the Bag or Backpack I am carrying will hold everything I need and stay in one piece.

Part of travelling is taking in the different cultures and meeting different people of the world. Life is about adding value in a positive way and making, the people you come into contact with feel happier than not having met you. We would like to infuse you with our passion, give you value and hope that you will be a happier traveller for not having known us.

We believe, that as well as offering you our collections of travel gear, we would also like to build a community. A community of like minded people who see the world as a world of adventure.

I hope you enjoy the items in our store and we thank you for taking the time to drop by. We wish you to be safe when you are travelling but also infuse the world with your love of life. Who knows we may cross paths one day.