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Budapest, Hungary -

Imagine walking through a city that is so beautiful most of its buildings are granted UNESCO world heritage site status. It is a warm Spring evening and you wander into a bar, called Liquid Rock, playing Rock Music. Striking up a conversation with two local men, you immediately build a rapport with them.  It helps that you attempt to introduce yourself in the local language and they are impressed and slightly amused that you have even tried to learn the local language. One of the men, called Steven, is an encyclopaedia of knowledge on the history and culture of his country. The...

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Czechia, Prague -

Prague the City of a Thousand Spires. A city I have always wanted to visit but the idea of bumping into Hen and Stag parties turned my blood cold. I was pleasantly surprised

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Belarus, Chernobyl, City break, Minsk, Soviet Architecture, Travel Blog -

If you want an inexpensive city trip in a beautiful, green, quiet city, full of history and great architecture and is not flooded with tourists I highly recommend Minsk. 

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